The dress, revisited

Remember the dress? Of course you do. It’s ADORABLE.

Well, not so long after I posted about the dress, I realized that I had two dresses and two daughters. And that my daughters were the right combination (a younger chubby one and an older skinny one) that I may be able to get them each to wear a dress at the same time.

Now, I’m not normally a “dress them up the same” kinda person. They’re very different people with very different personalities, and I love and respect that. But as a “once in a while for a photo shoot” kinda thing, I’m all over it like gravy on a biscuit.

First I tried to do it myself.

Then, I decided to take the dresses to the States and pay to have it done. Since everything is cheaper in the States, I figured it would be better to do it there.

We made an appointment at Olan Mills, but after waiting well over an hour past our appointment time and being continuously ignored, we left and went to Sears. Thank you, Olan Mills, for sucking so severely. I could not have possibly been happier with whatever you would have done, especially since I would have been really pissed off by the time you saw me, and probably not as photogenic.

It’s a good thing we went to the States when we did, because Maggie’s already outgrown the smaller dress. Pretty soon, she and Dagmar will be wearing the same size.