Hedgehogs are found all over Europe, Asia, and Africa, and are an introduced species in New Zealand. There are no native hedgehogs in North America, so the readers from my homeland probably know vey little about them other than they look kinda like tiny porcupines, and there was a video game featuring a blue one that rolled around a lot.

They’re very common in Denmark, so I’m told. They are nocturnal, though, so I don’t stumble across them all the time or anything, and have never actually seen one in person in this country. I know they’re vey cute, but aren’t particularly exciting pets. Some people care quite a bit about animals, even ones that don’t make good pets.

Kirstin Fournais is one such person. After a successful career designing jewelry for the famous Danish designer, Georg Jensen, she retired to devote her life to animals full-time. She runs Pindsvinevennerne (Friends of Hedgehogs). The site is in Danish, but if you can’t read it, it’s still worth clicking “Galleri” and checking out the cute pics and video. They really are quite cute. She has 92 hedgehogs in her home. Yes, really. And another couple hundred people working for her also caring for more hedgehogs in need. She has learned enough about hedgehogs through her rescue efforts that she can educate her own vet on how to care for them. In addition to her many hedgehogs, she’ll also take in other animals who need some extra TLC, or even who just need a new home.

Such as my Lidja. As luck would have it, she had recently told her vet she had space for an elderly cat if anyone came in looking to put one down. A friend of hers, who found out about Lidja via my email plea to LINK members, approached her asking if she knew anyone who would take an older cat. Not only did she know someone, but she was that someone! Tomorrow, Lidja will be moved to her new home with a kind, loving woman who lives for animals. I can’t imagine a better place for her.

My Danish readers can support Pindsvinevennerne by becoming a member for only 80 DKK a year. There is also a nice selection of postcards with cute pictures, should any of you be of the Postcrossing persuasion. I will definitely be lending my support to the woman who is taking on the cat who has been such a good friend and companion to me for these past nearly 10 years.

Enjoy your new life, Lidja Fach-Pedersen!