I was doing so well…

I was all on top of this blogging regularly thing, and now I’ve gone and ruined my streak. But it was for a good cause this time! And I don’t mean that I needed the time to moan about things or feel sorry for myself. I mean I was doing something productive!

I’m in a local non-profit organization, LINK. We are all about getting expat women in Copenhagen together. I’ve been on the committee for a while now in the role of co-editor for the newsletter. That means that about once a month, I take all the text and pictures that the other editor worked tirelessly to compile, and all the ads that the advertising co-ordinator worked tirelessly to compile, and I make it look pretty in a newsletter format and then send it to the printer. As of a few days ago, I have also taken on the role of webmaster. That means that after I make the information pretty in a newsletter format, I am now also to make it pretty in a webpage format.

And I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far, ifIdosaysomyself. Here, I’ll give you another chance to take a look.

There’s still soooo much more I want to do in this role, but as with any time you take on a role that was once handled by someone else (who took it on from someone else, and so on), it takes some time to figure everything out, get all the plans in place, etc. I’m excited for the chance to work on this, though.

So, you see, I was working on a site. Just not this site.

As a little bonus for hanging in there, despite a couple days of absence, I hope you will enjoy this picture of my family. Especially for all the people who make claims about who each baby most resembles! What do you think now? Clockwise from top left: daughter Maggie Rose, husband Thomas, daughter Dagmar Lee, and me.

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