Danes love snowsuits. They come in the smallest little sizes. (I looooove this one! And it was a gift! Thaaaaank yooooou!)


And they come in adult sizes too. Sadly, I didn’t have my camera when I passed a woman who was at least in her 60s sporting a one-piece snowsuit when it wasn’t even cold out. Granted, that’s a bit unusual, but it seems anyone in the 12 and under crowd needs to be in a snowsuit from about September to April. I think it’s a bit excessive, but I’m rolling with it.


This has been what I see of my daughter every time we’ve been outside for the past few months. A hot pink blob with a black heiney and purple shoes. The hot pink becomes a bit less ‘hot’ as she keeps kneeling in the dirt, but then I wash it and she glows in the dark again. Amazingly, that little hat didn’t even come with the suit. And neither did this one.


One thought on “snowsuits

  1. I know exactly what you mean about the snowsuits here, I can’t imagine why any adult in their right mind would want to wear one, but they do!!


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