Wot chu lookin at, gurl?

Since my Money Monday post ended before Maggie actually got the chance to try out the Jump Jump, I thought it would be fitting for today’s Wardrobe Wednesday to be a sort of follow-up. Does Maggie wear the Jump Jump well?


Yes, yes she does. Apparently the Jump Jump phase of life coincides with the hand-chewing phase of life for both of my girls. (Compare to Dagmar in the Monday post.) They also both entered the Jump Jump phase before people who make Jump Jumps expected them to. None of these jumping devices seem to think children of this height are going to use them, because they’re always up way too high. But trust me, by the time I don’t need to put an upside-down plastic bin under her feet, she’s not going to give a flying frog fart about the Jump Jump, because she’ll be crawling and/or furniture cruising on her own. At least if she’s ANYTHING like her big sis. We’ll see though. She’s less active than Dagmar was, for sure, but she still seems interested in mobility.

In addition to the Jump Jump and upside-down bin, Miss Magdalena is sporting a one-piece sleeper from some department store in the UK. In the UK, much like in the US, people understand that snaps going down BOTH legs are a good thing. Denmark hasn’t caught on to this. Don’t ask me why. As much money as they charge for baby clothes here, they should put themselves on the baby for me, but instead, they can’t even bother to put snaps on one of the legs. I guess we Anglophones are just spoiled.

Speaking of spoiled, this has nothing to do with wardrobes, but I doubt I’ll have a better post coming up soon that I can include it anyway…


I used to keep my food in cupboards above my countertop. I’m short. Add these two things together and you get someone who can’t see or find all her food without getting a step stool. And really, who gets a step stool every time they cook or bake? Well, obviously not me. I kept buying stuff that I already had. Over and over. And Over. I had five bags of flour, four bags of granulated sugar, and four boxes of powdered sugar. I had to throw out one bag of flour that had expired, and I was able to do some condensing, pouring half empty bags into one bag and so on. But I still have a bunch of extra. A couple of lucky friends are getting free baking supplies from yours truly.

But never again! Nope, don’t expect more baking supply hand-outs over here! All my food is in lovely drawers now. I can see EVERYTHING. I’m excited. 😀