Another Thursday vent

I’m annoyed that the microwave cabinet still isn’t secured to the wall.

I’m annoyed that microwave dial doesn’t work.

I’m annoyed that my husband spent the afternoon yakking in the bathroom.

I’m annoyed I forgot to order bacon in my last grocery delivery.

I’m annoyed it’s so darn slippery out when I want to run.

I’m annoyed I can’t think of a more clever post title than “Another Thursday vent.” I need an alliterative category for these.

I’m annoyed that something in my closet smells of cat pee and I don’t know what yet.

I’m annoyed that when I start games in Words With Friends against random opponents, and I make a high-scoring move in the first or second play, they often resign. Seriously? You only want to play if you know you can win? How lame are you? Sometimes I lose. Sometimes the games I lose are a lot of fun. Buck up, people.

Have a happy Thursday. I love you all!