2011’s first gripe

I just have some small vents to get out of my system, so why not use a lovely Thursday blog post to do so!

I hate that all my pictures have a shadowy corner because my Sony Cyber-shot is dumb.


I also hate that my Sony Cyber-shot uses a Memory Stick Duo but my iMac takes SD cards, so I have to use the card reader on my printer, which accepts Memory Sticks, so I need a Memory Stick Duo to Memory Stick convertor thingy, which my daughter keeps stealing out of the printer and then losing.

I hate that all four of us are sick. Again. This is Maggie’s fourth cold and she’s not even three and a half months old. And I don’t put her or Dagmar in daycare, and I’m breastfeeding, so don’t even start telling me about how only kids in daycare and/or only formula-fed kids gets sick.

Medicine for adults should come in yummy flavors like strawberry and bubble gum. Did you know Baby Orajel tastes like strawberries, but regular Orajel tastes like rocket fuel? Why? Why do they do that? And I’m not singling out Orajel or anything. It’s pretty much all medicines.

I hate that we never got MacOS X Server working on the iMac. I want my laptop to have the same stuff as the desktop on it.

I hate that this post will make everyone think I’m all hateful, but really I’m just venting and I’m overall still a happy person. Actually I’ll say something happy. I think it’s super fun that Dagmar sat through all of Monsters, Inc. and enjoyed it so much, that the temper tantrum she threw just afterwards when I told her not to wake her sister was totally unexpected. I’m also happy that she took a nap when I told her to.

Have a happy Thursday!