Wardrobe time warp!


I know I’m just full of excuses lately, but we’re rearranging furniture in our flat, and part of that means that the printer isn’t hooked up to the computer at the moment. The printer is where the Memory Stick reader is, which is how I import photos from my camera to my computer, so I haven’t imported in a few days. This means no super recent photos, but it also means I was inspired to find an old photo to use for Wardrobe Wednesday.

So here I am. I think I’m 20, give or take, in this picture. I look bored and I have a zit on my cheek. I’m visiting my parents, so it’s likely during a Christmas break, but it might be the summer after my first year at college. I don’t really remember, and my parents live in Florida so it’s not like the fact that I’m in a knee-length skirt means it can’t be December. Also, I never go outside in Florida, so the fact that I’m the same color as the couch doesn’t mean it can’t be July.

I no longer have any of the articles of clothing pictured here. The shirt I’m wearing over the tank top was probably already too small at the time, and the tank top and skirt definitely would not have survived the mid-20s “wait, what happened to my metabolism?” thing.

I do still have that pillow I’m hugging, though. I don’t hug it around the house anymore, but I still have it. I could never get rid of Pillwy.

There’s no real point to this post, I know, but that’s the best you’re going to get out of me today, unless you want to hear me rant about third-trimester mood swings. And even if you think you do, you don’t. Have a happy Wednesday!

ETA: Feet Off the Table has taken over Wardrobe Wednesday officially! Now I need to remember to do my linky linky duties.