Put a lid on it

Update: My wonderful husband, with all his native Danish knowledge and m4d g00gl3 sk1llz, found my screwdriver for megacheap online. It should arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed that my hard drive is ok and I can recover all my stuff.

The woman who started Wardrobe Wednesday is no longer doing it. I don’t really want to host anything formal, especially in this time of computer transition and pregnancy and whatnot, but I like doing WW, so here we go.

I have a few hats. I hang them on pegs on the wall in our foyer. Dagmar doesn’t always have access to the foyer, thanks to our baby gate, but when she gets the chance, one thing she likes to do is try on my hats.

I think the “no two articles of clothing are even remotely the same color” look really works on her. What do you think?

(For more Dagmar cuteness, in case you were not aware, she has her own site with [mostly] daily pictures at Altered Earth. If you aren’t into RSS, you’ll get updates via my Twitter account as well.)