help make me over!

When I was growing up, my mother and my grandmother were both Mary Kay beauty consultants.  I was surrounded by cosmetics, skin care, and perfume.  Part of my teenage rebellion consisted of complete and total rejection of all things beauty-related.  In part because I’m a stubborn person, and in part because cosmetics cost money and I didn’t feel the need to use my money for that particular thing, I just never got around to wearing make-up.  I’ve decided to start embracing my inner girly-girl.  I mean, I’m wearing shoes now and everything.  I shaved my legs (OK, that’s not totally revolutionary as I’ve done that before but anyway) and went out and bought some make-up.  I’m starting out small.  I got foundation and lip gloss.  I still don’t know what I think.  It’s different.  But I’ve giving it a shot.

So now I’m contemplating my hair and the possibility of getting contacts.  About 15 years ago when I thought about getting contacts, I got too freaked about putting my finger in my eye, but I’ve since realized that I need to get over being scared of everyday, mundane things that millions of people do all the time without issue.  So even if it takes me a couple days of practice, I have confidence that I can eventually master putting them in.  The question is, should I bother?  And, should I cut my hair?  Keep it long, but style it differently?  Go short?  It’s hard work being a girly-girl.

2 thoughts on “help make me over!

  1. Lorry, you’re so cute as is!

    I consider make-up a kind of necessary evil, and reserve it for special occasions, mostly. Same with the leg-shaving, actually.

    I actually like your glasses, then again I have a phobia about eye-poking, too. I always think moms of little ones need hair long enough to put in a pony-tail! Or maybe my babies are just notorious hair-pullers???

    Make sure you post make-over pics!

  2. I will echo Rachel!

    I only wear mascara and powder when I get dressed up. If I had my daughter’s eyelashes I wouldn’t even do that.

    After years of being a stage actor, I avoid heavy makeup at all costs.

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