4×4 meme

So there’s this meme going around where you post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of wherever pictures are stored on your computer and then explain it.  This was clearly thought up by a PC user because we Mac users don’t store our pictures in folders.  We are so beyond that. 😉

I went to my iPhoto library in Finder, and showed the package contents so I could see the folders that actually do exist in there (and because I’m a nerd).  The fourth folder was empty, so that was a bust.  I opened iPhoto, and then had to decide what should be a folder.  I decided to pick the fourth picture from the fourth Event in iPhoto.  I was hoping it would involve one of my trips to Oslo, or my road trip across the midwestern United States.  Something cute from Dagmar or my own childhood, maybe.

Unfortunately, what I got was this:

*Sigh.*  I guess I should have gone with something else.  I apologize to Lindsay and… the girl in the middle whose name I can’t remember for this meme.  This isn’t the most flattering picture of any of us.  They were really hot that night, seriously.  But anyway, as you can probably guess, it was Hallowe’en of whatever year that “Charlie’s Angels” movie came out, and someone (other than me) decided it would be fun to do this.  I figured I was too overweight and butch-haircutted to participate but got prodded into it anyway.  We went to some typical drunken college party where Lindsay and… dang, what is her name?… were hit on a lot and I was ignored, which was totally fine by me as I had a boyfriend at the time and I was never really into the drunken college party scene anyway.

What this picture reminds me of, though, is a conversation I had with Lindsay shortly before we got dressed.  I was telling her I didn’t have anything sexy to wear, and she said that anything can be made sexy.  I pulled out one of my favorite shirts, which was a too-big-for-me button-up in a fish print.  Yeah, the fabric had these life-size mackerals swimming all over it.  Sadly, I don’t have it anymore or I’d take a picture.  Lindsay was able to make it sexy by leaving it unbuttoned and knotting it at the waist.  I was impressed.

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  1. This gave me the best laugh – I think your commentary was hilarious and it totally reminds me of college days.

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