the hubster

Hat tip to Melaina.
Answer these questions about you and your significant other:

1:: What are your middle names? Mine is Lee.  Thomas doesn’t have one.
2:: How long have you been together? 4 years 
3:: Do you have any children together? yes, Dagmar Lee, cutest baby ever 
4:: What about pets? yes, two kittyloves, Lidja and Tycho
5:: Did you go to the same school? no
6:: Are you from the same hometown? not even close
7:: Do you live in the same town now? in the same flat and everything
8:: Who is the smartest? he is
9:: Who is the most sensitive? he is
10:: Where is the first place you went to eat as a couple? not sure, probably Arby’s, haha 
11:: Do you wear matching clothes? The thought has never crossed our minds.  Do people do that? 
12:: Where is the furthest you have travelled as a couple? We’ve gone between Copenhagen and Panama City, Florida a few times.
13:: Who has the craziest ex[es]? me
14:: Who has the worst temper? me
15. Who does the cooking? me
16:: Who’s more social? sooooo me
17:: Who is the neat freak? neither, but his messy threshold is higher so I guess I’d be closer
18:: Who is the most affectionate? he is
19:: Who is the most stubborn? tough call… probably him
20:: There wasn’t a #20, but I just can’t skip it.
21:: Who wakes up earlier? him on weekdays, and me on weekends
22:: Where was your first date? We met in person at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport, I guess. lol
23:: Who said “I Love You” first? me
24:: How did you spend your 1st year anniversary? We went to Berlin to celebrate, though it wasn’t on the day of. 
25:: Who has the bigger family? He has a lot more cousins.
26:: Who is younger? him, by just under two years
27:: Who is the life of the party? neither of us, at ALL
28:: Who do you hope your kids turn out more like? I hope they get the best qualities of both of us!
29:: Who wears the pants in the family? He gets final call.
30:: What’s your favorite thing to do together? explore the world
31:: Do you have the same political views? on most stuff
32:: Who has the most stuff? He’s a massive pack rat.
33:: Who controls the remote? him 
34:: Who does the driving? Neither of us drive, but he fancies himself a navigator when we go out.
35:: Who takes out the garbage? both of us, but him more often
36:: Who does the cleaning? me
37:: Who does the laundry? me
38:: Who is the funniest? him