I hate strollers

I hate strollers. I hate that people push their kids around without even looking at where they’re going. I almost get run over by stupid people pushing strollers, and I bet if they DID hit me, they’d act like I was trying to hurt their kid instead of admitting they’re recklessly pushing their supposedly precious cargo with wild abandon. I hate that parents outfit strollers with cup holders and baskets, so that they’re more about convenient storage than about getting around with your offspring. I hate that no matter how many signs on the bus say to fold up your stroller, no one does, and then the parents act like their entitled to the same special treatment as a disabled person. I hate all the parents pushing a stroller back and forth hoping it would shut up the baby they can’t even see because they’re too busy yapping on their cell phones or conducting business transactions. I hate strollers. 

I had a customer today wearing his baby in a BabyBjörn. He was aware of what his kid was doing, and responsive to it, and still able to conduct himself as a normal adult the whole time. Why is this such a novel concept? I don’t hate BabyBjörns.

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  • Baby Björn rules! I used to Jess in mine while vacuuming…Don’t forget to put that on your wish list!
    Andrea (in NH) | 2008-01-29 12:17
  • I sooooo feel you here. I’m not alone!!
    bookladyjenn | 2008-02-25 17:41
  • sheesh Lorry. I’m sure there are some rude stroller pushers but being on the other side, there are a LOT of people that do not look where they are going, run into you, and then blame your stroller. 

    what are you supposed to do? yea, bjorns are great but when you run errands and have a purse, diaper bag, groceries, etc, it doesn’t work. OR you have more than one baby?? when I had baby and toddler, I needed stroller.

    why not a little courtesy and not letting doors shut in my face? we dont’ have public transport here, so that’s not an issue.

    why begrudge someone their coffee or water???

    BTW-miss you on the boards
    Cristine | 2008-06-21 19:31

  • Followed your link from MWL Lorry – hope you don’t mind me chipping in.
    I do hate Baby Bjorns!
    Baby wearing ROCKS but don’t get a Bjorn. There are so many alternatives that are better for your baby and better for your back. Look at ring slings, wraps, mei teis and so on. They are better and will last you much longer, honestly!
    (First time I’ve ever commented on anybody’s blog btw!)
    Fiona | 2008-08-17 18:53
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of blog commenting. I’m not planning to get a Björn, but I don’t hate them. Mom is making me a few wraps for free. ^_^
    Lorry | 2008-08-17 19:10
  • I hate Bjorns not because I think they are inherently evil or anything. But I don’t think they are very well designed, and they’ve put more people I know off baby wearing than just about anything else I can think of. So many times I’ve suggested a sling to someone and got the reply “Yeah, I already tried that but it crippled my back/my baby hated it.” Almost ineviatably the “it” in question turns out to have been a Bjorn or something similar. I suppose there must be people out there who get on with them, but pretty much every mum I know has a rejected one gathering dust in a drawer somewhere!
    My MIL tried to give me one when I had DS2, telling me that it would be “better than that primitive thing you have” lol!!
    Enjoy your wraps.
    Fiona | 2008-08-18 20:14 

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    1. I’m not sure which words you mean but I’ll have to find someone with IE to take a look. Thanks!

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