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Red is not pretty. Only pink, purple, and yellow. Grey is my favorite color. But it’s not pretty. So purple is also my favorite color. Also rainbows.


How to make a siggy, updated

I’ve made an updated version of my siggy tutorial, for those on any ProBoards forum.

And my other screenshots will be on a Mac computer using a Chrome browser, but it will work fine on any computer, so ignore any subtle differences. K? K.

  1. Find a picture. You need a digital picture (ending in .jpg or .jpeg or .gif or .png) somewhere on your computer. It can be scanned in or fresh off your digital camera, or it can be something you edited beyond recognition. It doesn’t matter. It just needs to end in one of those extensions and you need to know where it is on your computer.
    Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 12.42.28.png
    Personally, I like to mess with my pics. I’ll teach you that later in another lesson maybe. 😉 Anyway, here is my pic in Finder (Explorer, in Windows-ese).
  2. Get it online. There are several sites out there that will let you do this, but let’s use tinypic. Go there, and fill in the form like so:
    Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 12.45.07.png
    You want to make sure you set the “resize” option so you don’t get a crazy big siggy. Hit “Upload now!” and prove you’re a human.
  3. Copy the IMG Code. Click on that very first box under “IMG Code for Forums and Message Boards” and copy it.
    Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 12.49.04.png
  4. Paste it into your siggy. Go to your profile using the “profile” icon up in the top banner.

    Click on “Modify Profile.”
    Go down under “Personal information” to the signature box and paste that IMG Code in.

    Scroll all the way down, hit the “Modify Profile” button, and you’re done! Enjoy! 
  5. Extra stuff! This is optional stuff you can add to your siggy now that you have a picture in there.
    • Want some text too? No problem! If you want it above your picture, start typing it before that code you just pasted in. If you want it below your picture, start typing it below that code.
    • How about a link?  Use this code: [url=(put the URL here)](thing you want linked)[/url] You can link text or images or both. In the image below, the “Text above pic.” will link to Google. Neither the image nor the text below will be linked.

Television and stereotypes

It’s purely coincidence that Transatlantic Blonde mentioned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when I was already planning to rant about it for today’s Feminist Friday. I had no idea she would! But as it happens, I’ve been steaming about it for a few days.

It’s just one little scene in one little episode, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. The gang is getting on a boat. Mickey hops on. Pete offers his hand to Minnie and Daisy. Then Donald reaches for Pete’s hand, and Pete gives Donald a dirty look. There’s enough pause and sound effects and whatnot to make it clear that this is supposed to be a joke.

Seriously? In 2011, people still make this junk? What is so ridiculous about a man needing or wanting help onto a boat? Do we seriously need to teach our kids that women need help onto boats but men can’t possibly need help onto boats? It really baffles me that enough people involved in the production of this cartoon think this is a valid use of their animation time. It isn’t as if Donald is known as a very physically strong character, and that’s what made it funny. The only context I can come up with is men vs. women.

Raising feminist children

My new site idea is taking a lot longer to implement than I want, because of a lot of other junk going on, so I’m just gonna hop back in here and make a new post. Melaina over at Transatlantic Blonde has been nagging me to join her Feminist Friday. And I say nagging in the most loving way possible, because I know she knows that I actually do want to participate and actually do need some prodding to get around to doing it. 😉

Forgive me, as I’m using an app on my iPad to blog this, and I have never used it before, so I might not figure out how to add links and pretty stuff just yet, but here we go.

This week’s topic is on raising feminist children. I want to address something I’ve read many times that really bugs me. I’m talking about comments that go something like this, “I don’t want to stay home with my children because I don’t want them to think that women NEED to stay home.”

If you don’t want to or can’t stay home with your children, then fair enough. But if this is really your only reason for not doing it, I kinda have to WTF for a minute here. If you are a doctor, will your kids think women NEED to be doctors? Or that women NEED to work outside the home? OF COURSE NOT. Surely you do not honestly believe that your career choice (or non-career choice) is the deciding factor in what your children will believe is possible for women. Whether you stay home or not, there are many other things you’ll be doing to show your kids what is possible.

At the present time, I’m a SAHM. I don’t know how long that will last, due to many reasons, but anyway, it’s true now. But my girls see their aunts who have jobs, their grandmothers who are retired from jobs, their friends’ mothers, some of whom have jobs, had jobs, are looking for jobs…. We go out to museums, amusement parks, restaurants, doctors’ offices, supermarkets, and shops where women are visibly employed. I have to say, I do not stress at all that my girls will think they have no choice but to stay home with their children in the years to come.

Actually, I am more worried that if they WANT to stay home, it won’t be an option. But perhaps that’s a topic for another day.

(There is something I do find myself having to work at, though, and that’s keeping other bias out of my parenting. I mean little things like, when we were at a zoo, and my gut reaction was to say “ew!” at an ugly insect. But I realized I don’t want my daughter saying “ew!” just because I think it’s nasty. She might like insects, and that’s ok. So I try to remember to say “look at this!” instead. She can decide if it’s nasty for herself.)

I was doing so well…

I was all on top of this blogging regularly thing, and now I’ve gone and ruined my streak. But it was for a good cause this time! And I don’t mean that I needed the time to moan about things or feel sorry for myself. I mean I was doing something productive!

I’m in a local non-profit organization, LINK. We are all about getting expat women in Copenhagen together. I’ve been on the committee for a while now in the role of co-editor for the newsletter. That means that about once a month, I take all the text and pictures that the other editor worked tirelessly to compile, and all the ads that the advertising co-ordinator worked tirelessly to compile, and I make it look pretty in a newsletter format and then send it to the printer. As of a few days ago, I have also taken on the role of webmaster. That means that after I make the information pretty in a newsletter format, I am now also to make it pretty in a webpage format.

And I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far, ifIdosaysomyself. Here, I’ll give you another chance to take a look.

There’s still soooo much more I want to do in this role, but as with any time you take on a role that was once handled by someone else (who took it on from someone else, and so on), it takes some time to figure everything out, get all the plans in place, etc. I’m excited for the chance to work on this, though.

So, you see, I was working on a site. Just not this site.

As a little bonus for hanging in there, despite a couple days of absence, I hope you will enjoy this picture of my family. Especially for all the people who make claims about who each baby most resembles! What do you think now? Clockwise from top left: daughter Maggie Rose, husband Thomas, daughter Dagmar Lee, and me.

Thursday Thoughts?

Doesn’t sound ranty enough.

I need a title, people!

Or perhaps it’s a sign I need to stop ranting. Naaaaaah.

Someone please take my cats. I’m so stressed about these stupid cats. There’s just no space for them here. I was SO relieved when they were gone, and then three days later, they’re back at my door because Tycho is “too energetic.” Yeah, he knocked over a plant. Tragic. A-huh.

So yeah, I need to find a new home for them or else they will get put down. Shelters here don’t take cats over 5. Lovely, right? I’ve had it up to here with the whole thing.

Another Thursday vent

I’m annoyed that the microwave cabinet still isn’t secured to the wall.

I’m annoyed that microwave dial doesn’t work.

I’m annoyed that my husband spent the afternoon yakking in the bathroom.

I’m annoyed I forgot to order bacon in my last grocery delivery.

I’m annoyed it’s so darn slippery out when I want to run.

I’m annoyed I can’t think of a more clever post title than “Another Thursday vent.” I need an alliterative category for these.

I’m annoyed that something in my closet smells of cat pee and I don’t know what yet.

I’m annoyed that when I start games in Words With Friends against random opponents, and I make a high-scoring move in the first or second play, they often resign. Seriously? You only want to play if you know you can win? How lame are you? Sometimes I lose. Sometimes the games I lose are a lot of fun. Buck up, people.

Have a happy Thursday. I love you all!

2011’s first gripe

I just have some small vents to get out of my system, so why not use a lovely Thursday blog post to do so!

I hate that all my pictures have a shadowy corner because my Sony Cyber-shot is dumb.


I also hate that my Sony Cyber-shot uses a Memory Stick Duo but my iMac takes SD cards, so I have to use the card reader on my printer, which accepts Memory Sticks, so I need a Memory Stick Duo to Memory Stick convertor thingy, which my daughter keeps stealing out of the printer and then losing.

I hate that all four of us are sick. Again. This is Maggie’s fourth cold and she’s not even three and a half months old. And I don’t put her or Dagmar in daycare, and I’m breastfeeding, so don’t even start telling me about how only kids in daycare and/or only formula-fed kids gets sick.

Medicine for adults should come in yummy flavors like strawberry and bubble gum. Did you know Baby Orajel tastes like strawberries, but regular Orajel tastes like rocket fuel? Why? Why do they do that? And I’m not singling out Orajel or anything. It’s pretty much all medicines.

I hate that we never got MacOS X Server working on the iMac. I want my laptop to have the same stuff as the desktop on it.

I hate that this post will make everyone think I’m all hateful, but really I’m just venting and I’m overall still a happy person. Actually I’ll say something happy. I think it’s super fun that Dagmar sat through all of Monsters, Inc. and enjoyed it so much, that the temper tantrum she threw just afterwards when I told her not to wake her sister was totally unexpected. I’m also happy that she took a nap when I told her to.

Have a happy Thursday!

Bonjour, Sophie!

Are you familiar with Sophie la Girafe? If you’re a mom to a current or future teether, or a mom-to-be, then you should read this review (and GIVEAWAY) of Sophie over on Transatlantic Blonde. And even if you’re not, you probably don’t want to miss the pics and videos of Blondie Boy, who is a real charmer! I’m a real sucker for blogs from other expat ladies, especially when they have adorable babies (you know, just like me), so this is one I keep up with and I recommend it to all y’all too.