About Lidja

Lidja laying on a Tux rug

Lidja is a dilute calico born approximately July 4, 2001. At about six weeks old, she was rescued from a window well in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA after being abandoned by her mother and the rest of the litter. She was kept in a foster home for several months, and in May 2002, became the Featured Cat for the fostering organization on their Pet Finder website. I had been looking to get my first cat, a dream of mine since childhood (dad is allergic), and when I saw her, then named Lydia, and read her description on the site, I was instantly interested. I went to an adoption event at Pet Haven in Richfield to meet her and her foster mom in person. She was clearly not excited about being in a cage at Petsmart, but allowed us to pet her incredibly soft fur. We looked at some of the other cats up for adoption as well, but I was really drawn to her.

Her foster mom warned us that she's very skittish and weary of strangers, and she was on a special diet, because regular cat food gave her diarrhea. I signed a statement that I would never declaw her, and $100 later she was mine. Having an oddly-spelled name myself, I thought it would be appropriate to change her spelling as well, thus she became Lidja.

Lidja hiding on one of her first days home

For the first three days, she hid and would not even come out to eat. The foster mom had told us that if she did not eat for three days, we should call her, so we did. She came to the apartment and forcefed Lidja. Lidja was noticeably upset about the ordeal, but did start to eat. When she saw someone coming near her, she would run as fast as she could to a hiding place elsewhere. On these mad dashes, I would bend down and pet her back. After a couple days, she would slow down as I pet her. After a few more days, she would stop, let me pet her, and then run again. Finally one day, she stopped to let me pet her, and then flipped onto her back and let me scritch her belly! After that, she's been such a lovebug, though she is still skittish and will often hide from strangers.

For a while, I fed her the IVD lamb and green pea canned food the foster mom insisted she required. I was able to successfully transition her to higher quality, byproduct-free cat food such as Wellness, Innova, California Natural, and Solid Gold. She really enjoyed getting the variety! After just a few days to transition, she's now eating raw, and her favorite food is chicken, but she's also enjoyed fish, pork, and beef.

Lidja on her back asking for a belly rub

Her favorite activities include sleeping on my pillow or between my feet, and playing fetch. (Yes, she really brings it back!) Sometimes I will wake up to her staring at me, having dropped her fetch toy by my head, waiting for me to throw it. She has a tendency to pee on piles of clothes or towels, which is a great way to force me to keep tidy.